Currently, the world has more than 2 billion people who are called Christians (adherents). Actually, it is the number one religion in the western cultures (American continent and Europe’s). There are many facts that do exist in Christianity, but the following are the main ones:


1) Christian beliefs:

All Christian beliefs revolve around the life of Jesus, from the time he was born in the town of Nazareth to his death. In his life, he became a healer and a teacher of the Word when he used to reside in Palestine. The life and works of Jesus are basically the Gospels that were put down in black and white like 100 years after he died. These Gospels are actually the first four books of the New Testament. The Gospels are about Jesus’ ministry of healing and teaching, whereby he managed to fish the 12 disciples who helped him preach the gospel.

His teaching ministry centers on God’s kingdom, ones love to God, and the love to the neighbor. These teachings made the leaders of the Roman and Jewish community, to view it as dangerous because it attracted many people. To stop him, they had to crucify him on the cross. According to Christianity, Jesus resurrected after spending three days in the tomb. This means that Christians who believe in him will be forgiven all their sins and have an everlasting life.

2) The sacred text:

In Christianity, the Christian Bible is the sacred word. The bible has a total of 66 books, which are divided in two: Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is also known as the Jewish Bible, which has 39 books, while the New Testament has a total of 27 books. In the New Testament, the first four books are about Jesus’ life, description of the ministry of the apostles after the death of Jesus, letters written by the church leaders, and the book of apocalypse.

Though the bible is the sacred text which inspires Christians, not all of them view it equally because of the extent and the nature of its authority. There are those who insist that it has no error at all, while the others view its accuracy to be precise on matters pertaining religion, and see errors in other places because of the authors who were human in nature.

3) Branches of Christianity:

Actually, there are three branches of Christianity.

Roman Catholicism: it symbolizes an extension of the past organized church as it was in the past centuries, whereby the head is the Pope. A separation of Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy was experienced in 1054, after the Pope and the Patriarch of Constantinople differed.

  • Eastern Orthodoxy:

This branch comprises of Russian Orthodox, Greek, and many other Churches. The only difference between it and Catholicism is that they do not consider the Pope to be the leader, the refusal of worshiping idols, and a different date of Easter celebrations.

  • Protestantism:

This branch paved way in the 16th century. That do not view the Pope as the leader, and most of the beliefs of the Catholics are not in accord with theirs. The backbone belief of Protestantism is the doctrine of salvation through faith alone and the reading of the bible. Protestantism includes churches like Evangelicals, Baptists, Episcopalians, Pentecostals, Methodists, Presbyterians, among others.

4) Christian practices:

Because of the three branches, the practices differ too. What is shared among most denominations is the worshiping that is done on Sundays, group or private prayer, participation in baptism and communion, and reading and studying of the Bible.

5) Important holidays:

In Christianity, there are two very celebrated holidays namely: Easter and Christmas. Easter is the more important one whereby what is celebrated is the rising of Jesus from the dead. After Easter, what follows is a week termed as a Holy week, which has Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Maundy Monday.

Christmas (25th December,) is another holiday whereby the Christians (apart from Orthodox Churches who celebrate on 6th January,) celebrate the birth of Jesus.


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