Please enter the full name (including the middle name). At the end of each course, we send a certificate with the proper name on it. Please do not use initials for a first name such as BJ.

We need the actual postal mailing address as the lessons are on paper. The lessons are not Email. Don’t forget your Postal or Zip code (and the country if not USA).

We need the current age (the age that person is right now) so we know which lesson to send. (We have lessons for age 3 through adult.)

We need the parent’s name (or whoever the child lives with) so the mailman may deliver the mail properly. Mail is returned if the last name is different than the name on the mailbox.

If the request if for an adult to receive the free Bible lessons, please tell us why you desire the lessons. (For example; To learn about God… or To evaluate the lessons.)

We would like your Email address so if the information is incorrect or incomplete, we may contact you and get the lesson into the mail properly.

You may submit as many names as you like. We will send separate lessons to brothers and sisters as each like to get their own mail and they are individually important. You may also submit the names and addresses of friends and relatives.

On occasion, Email as well as land mail gets Lost. If you do not receive the requested Bible lessons in the mail within a couple of weeks, please re-submit.

Note – We do not call and we do not give out or sell any information. This is a ministry that provides biblical studies. All such information is confidential. The bible lessons are absolutly free. There is no charge or obligation.

Due to the high cost of international postage, we may give your name to a reputable ministry in or near the country where you live. These other ministries would send you the same Bible lessons that we send.

We are sorry but we are not able to supply churches or other ministries with materials as we are a low budget ministry. You may obtain samples and materials from Source of Light Ministries, which is where we get our lessons. We can, however send the free Bible lessons to the children in your area – sign them up