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ChildTel Ministries offers FREE Bible lessons in the mail. We have lessons designed for all age groups from age 3 through adult. (Description of Lessons). If you would like to learn what the Bible has to say about God and about His love for you, fill out the following form. We will send the lesson to you completely free of charge. No one will call and your name will NOT be placed on any mailing lists. - - Sorry, USA only.

Simply type the information into the form and then print the page with your browser. Mail (snail mail) the printed page to: ChildTel Ministries, RR 1 Box 50B, Mountain Grove MO 65711.

Enter up to six people in a single family and living at the same address (Age 3 thru adult). Please enter the complete name of each person and the complete mailing address. - - Please SEE Instructions before filling out the form.

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Print the completed form and mail to ChildTel Ministries, RR 1 Box 50B, Mountain Grove MO 65711.

...Or you can call Ed Swehla at 417-948-2350.

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