Prayer is really a fancy word that means talking to God. God wants us to pray or talk to Him a lot. You can talk to God and tell Him what is on your heart.

We can talk to God anywhere and at anytime. We can pray in bed, or when we are playing outside. No matter where we are, God is there with us and He will hear us. We can pray when we are happy and when we are sad. God is concerned about us. Nothing can get between our prayer and God.

We can talk to God out loud or secretly in our hearts. Because God knows everything, He even knows what we think. We can pray to God by thinking the words that we would like to say. Sometimes we can even pray for someone standing right in front of us and they won’t even know, but God will. There is something special when we pray out loud too. If others are with us, they can be praying with us agreeing with our prayer.

We can talk to God about anything. We can tell God about what makes us sad and what makes us happy. He is our best friend, so we can really tell Him about everything. He understands us completly.

We can ask God for what we need. We can pray for wisdom and for His help. God is so good, and He knows just what we need. Sometimes we want something, but God always knows best.

We can tell God “thank you”. There are millions of things that God has done that we can thank Him for, like keeping us safe and providing us with food and clothing. Most of all, we can thank God that Jesus died on the cross for us, and for the forgiveness of our sin.

God has promised to hear the prayers of those that trust in Jesus. He answers prayer too. Sometimes He sees that it would be good to give us what we ask for, and sometimes not. Sometimes God answers our prayers right away and sometimes after a long time.

Always keep on praying!

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