Wordless Book...

The "Wordless Book" is a great way to share the Gospel message with children. The wordless book is made up of five colors (Gold, white, black, red and green) which tell about God. You can 'read' your wordless book to children showing them the colored pages as you go. They will then associate those colors with God and the salvation message.

Gold Reminds me of the streets in HEAVEN. They are made with gold. God lives in Heaven, so gold really reminds me of God.

White Reminds me of being clean. God is CLEAN and holy. He never does anything wrong.

Black (or darkness) Reminds me of dirty old SIN.

Red Reminds me of how the Lord Jesus died on the cross, and shed His BLOOD for our sin.

White When we receive or take Christ as our savior, God makes us CLEAN inside by forgiving our sin. (Sin washed away by the blood).

Gold We can live forever with God in HEAVEN because our sins have been washed away.

Green Reminds me of grass and trees. They GROW. We should grow to be more like the Lord Jesus.

You can buy "Wordless Books" from Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc., or from your local Christian bookstore. CEF also provides more complete instructions.

To make your own wordless book, select the appropriately colored heavy paper, cloth, plastic or other material. Cut the material for each color into eqial size peices. Glue Different colored peices back to back (Green to gold, gold to white, white to black, black to red, red to green). Place all the glued pages together in order and bind one edge so it will work like a book.

You can make your wordless book small to fit in your wallet for use anytime, or you can make it to fit in a 3 ring binder for "stage" viewing. Actually, you can make it any size you wish.

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