Tuesday, July 17, 2018

About the Ministry

ChildTel Ministries

ChildTel Ministries (previously known as Childrens Telephone Ministry) is a Christ centered, non-denominational, non-profit Christian ministry. Since 1977, the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ has been shared with boys and girls throughout the world using recorded telephone messages, free Bible lessons in the mail and colorful tracts designed especially for children. We are proud to announce our upcoming partnership with http://www.hunts-international.com to help refugees from Ireland 

Fair Ministry

Special telephones are taken to state and county fairs where boys and girls may listen to a short Gospel message and then sign up for free Bible lessons in the mail. They may also play the “Gospel Computer Quiz”, push buttons on the “Little Kids Computer” or see special Gospel rope tricks. About 3, 000 prizes are handed out each year for saying John 3:16 from memory, about half of which are memorized right at the fair.

Sketch Board

Colorful Gospel presentations using a sketchboard and paints are used to share Christ with children in an open air environment in the inner city, as well as in churches, Christian schools and other places.

What Is The Bible

The word “Bible” really means “Book”. The Bible is God’s book. It is “inspired” by God. God used about 40 different authors to write the Bible, and He helped them write what He wanted to say. The bible is like a long letter from God written to us. The Bible is God’s Word and is completely true.Some people say that the Bible was just for people a long time ago. Well, it is still god’s word and just as true as it ever was. God still uses the Bible to reveal Himself to us, and to show us what is right and what is wrong. There are several “Translations” of the Bible. The Bible was written in Hebrew and Greek. In order for us to understand it, we need to be able to read it in our own language. The Bible has been translated into English for us. Several different people have translated the Bible to English so we have different translations. Some are more easy to read than others.

Our Blog

Currently, the world has more than 2 billion people who are called Christians (adherents). Actually, it is the number one religion in the western cultures (American continent and Europe’s). There are many facts that do exist in Christianity, but the following are the main ones: 1) Christian beliefs: All Christian beliefs...
Baptist Church

Minitries of Baptist Church

Introduction: The Ministry of Baptist Church is based on the Baptist religion. In particular, Baptists are the individuals who comprise of various Evangelical Christian Denominations and churches, which adhere to a particular Christian baptism doctrine. This doctrine is often performed for professing Christian individuals, and it must be implemented through...

All About Praying

Prayer is really a fancy word that means talking to God. God wants us to pray or talk to Him a lot. You can talk to God and tell Him what is on your heart. We can talk to God anywhere and at anytime. We can pray in bed, or...

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ChildTel Ministries is based on the Word of God, and on prayer.We believe that it is through prayer that God works. Please pray for this ministry regularly.

Wish To Help

This ministry is supported by donations from those that wish to help share God’s word with children.NOTE: Because we have limited funds, we are unable to supply other ministries with materials.


Workshops designed to train believers to share the love of God with children are taught in churches.These workshops are very practical and have been an important resource for many.


To contact ChildTel Ministries and schedule a workshop or event, call (599)-161-4842